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Additional information

Vibration Mode

triaxial (3D)


0 – 8 mm, 2 mm


15 – 40 Hz

Frequenz (oszillierend)

5 – 17 Hz



Training Programmes

1 manual, 3 automatic


300 Watt + 500 Watt

Power supply

Adapter (220-240V/50Hz)

Max. userweight

150 kg

Measurements (LxWxH)

73 x 70 x 145 cm


32 kg

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Studio Vibration Plate Pro 700

Now the fitness trend from the studios can also be carried out at home!

The exercises are extremely easy to perform: you stand on the training surface of the equipment and the targeted accelerations of the Skandika Studio Vibration Plate activate the body’s own reflexes. These reflexes occur independently via the spinal cord and are controlled without the intervention of the user.

Vibrations in the head are almost completely avoided by the pelvis and the torso muscles.

The Skandika Studio Vibration Plate is also suitable for older people, because the training causes only a low impact on the cardiovascular system.

You have never trained so fast!

In contrast to classic workouts, a very small amount of time of a few minutes is sufficient. Then you feel good, relaxed and your muscles are relaxed.

The Skandika Studio Vibration Plate has studio quality! High-quality parts and two motors with 500 and 300 watts stand for quality and explain the great success of this device.

3-in-1 vibration device

The Studio Vibration Plate Pro 700 has two independently running motors that offer you a variety of training options. You have the choice between vertically vibrating movements and side-alternating movements, as well as the possibility to use both movement forms in combination.

Great effect with little effort!

The Skandika Studio Vibration Plate covers four areas: Strength, stretching, massage and relaxation. Little effort and little training effort. What more could you ask for?

No other fitness machine has caused so much fuss lately and created a completely new training sphere. Courses with professional equipment are now offered in all major cities. Now you can finally enjoy this new form of fitness training at home!

Perfect technology for a healthy body and an increased well-being!

The standing and training area is spacious and non-slip and allows the performance of all relevant exercises. It is equipped with a thick, comfortable rubber mat, which makes every exercise to be performed while sitting comfortable. Whether standing, squatting or lying down – every exercise can be carried out without a personal fitness coach. In the detailed operating instructions you will find numerous examples of how you can use this machine effectively! The included training bands allow additional exercises to maximize the training success. The 5 feet provide a secure stand for the device. The operation is very simple: The device offers 2 control units at different heights, so you can make all relevant settings both while standing and from the ground. There are 60 adjustable speed levels and 3 preset training programmes. The training computer has 3 LED displays. The device complies with the current safety standards (RoHS).

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