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Simple, free, outdoors and active – for us, the Scandinavian lifestyle is about saying Yes to life.

Why we are the way we are

The Skandika brand

At Skandika, we treat our environment with respect and curiosity. Our connection to nature is constantly giving us new ideas for life-affirming outdoor experiences.

We develop dependable equipment for all latitudes and longitudes – including the urban jungle. For our customers throughout Europe, our products are a byword for reliability, quality and value. And since being outdoors goes hand in hand with feeling good, we’ve expanded our range to include fitness products. With their enhanced functionality, these new products meet the latest training standards – and are fun to use above all.

The name Skandika originates from our connection to the North. The Skandika Milestone plays an important role in this: it links the great Northern European capitals of Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki. Today it stands for our three main product lines – camping, fitness and bags. But it also stands for something less tangible: quality and service, including personalised, optimal advice.

Our three experiential worlds

Love to live an active, healthy, balanced lifestyle? Then we have the right equipment for you. In our Camping, Fitness and Bags sections you will find everything you need for life in the open – high-quality, practical products that are 100% reliable.


brand values

01You are important to us

We treat one another with respect and appreciation. We value openness and support one another. We communicate in a friendly and positive way. We are not dismissive of others’ opinions.

02Good health and an active lifestyle mean a lot to us

A healthy and active lifestyle is important to us. We are committed to developing our efforts in this area. We encourage one another and share our knowledge and experience.

03We stand for quality and design

The quality of our products and services is extremely important to us. Our focus is on functionality, safety and design. We develop quality standards and adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement

04We are straightforward and down-to-earth
We prefer an organisation with flat hierarchies and high flexibility in order to arrive at solutions and decisions quickly. Clear communication and an attitude of direct help, accommodation and compromise help us in this.
05We get on with things
We aim to identify problems and see where help is needed. Initiative and helpfulness in the team ensure that we can support each other as colleagues and optimise processing times for our customers.
06We treat each other fairly
Honest dealings and objective assessments are important to us. Justified complaints about our behaviour and our services can help us restore the trust of customers, business partners and colleagues.
Our brand ambassadors