CardioCross Carbon Pro Elliptical


  • Flywheel mass: 23.5 kg
  • Low noise and low maintenance brake system with magnetic technology
  • 19 Programmes + recovery heart rate measurement
  • Display: Time, speed, distance, calories and pulse
  • black
  • silver

Technical Data

Artikel-Nr. SF-3200 Kategorie

Additional information


Blue Backlit, LCD

Training Programmes

19, Recovery pulse measurement


Calories, Distance, Pulse, Speed, Time

Flywheel mass

23.5 kg

Brake system

Magnetical Brake System


10-350 Watts


low-noise Poly-V longitudinal Ribbed Belt

Stride length

51 cm


11 cm (biomecanically optimised)

Standhöhe Pedale
Level regulation


Transportation rolls




Power supply

Adapter (230 Volt)


EN 957-1 HA (Ergometer)



Max. userweight

145 kg

Dimensions folded (LxWxH)

117 x 60 x 158 cm

Measurements (LxWxH)

164 x 60 x 158 cm


79 kg


black, silver



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CardioCross Carbon Pro Elliptical

5 powerful reasons for your new Cross Trainer

  • Fully automatic computer controlled magnetic technology offers individual exertion control with approximately 21kg flywheel system
  • Your heart rate is measured by hand pulse sensors and ECG is oriented by analysing the telemetric heart rate monitoring chest strap
  • A powerful multifunctional computer offering various training programmes with pulse measurement.
  • You will receive a perfectly tailored fitness programme: weight loss, fat burning, anaerobic strength and muscle training, along with aerobic fitness training.
  • The ergonomic biometric tracking system of the CardioCross Carbon Pro strengthens your cardio-vascular system, reduces strain on joints, permanently stimulates your metabolism, and works up to 86% of your muscles improving your health and wellbeing.

Multifunctional Computer | Microchip Controlled Training Programme

19 programmess as well as an additional pulse monitoring recovery mode that allows an individually tailored programme for the muscles from warm up or stamina training up to professional competition standards.

The backlit LCD monitor displays all relevant training data at a glance. The speed and all targets can be set quickly and easily with a dial.

1 manual programme
The convenient quick start feature means you can start without delay, and then easily adjust and tailor a program manually.

12 Pre-Set Training Programmes
You can choose between 12 different training profiles (eg.: mountain/valley, ramp, interval, fat burning etc.) and then within each programme you are able to individually set additional training time, distance, calories burnt or an upper pulse limit.

1 Personal Training Profile
In this mode you can personally pre-program every minute of your workout. You can define the training time, distance, calories burnt and even a target heart rate.  .

4 Target Heart Rate Programs (H.R.C. Heart Rate Control)
These are all important programmes for long-term sustainable results, that allow a target heart rate (pulse) to be set. (Compatible Polar ® frequency) using an integrated receiver analyzes the computer readings to determine whether the target pulse rate is being achieved. It automatically makes adjustment to the programme in order to achieve the personal target heart rate level.

1 Watts Programme
Your Ergometer offers the opportunity to set the programme based on the watts used ranging from 10-350. In this programme you can define the training time, distance, calories burned and a personal target heart rate.

Your Cross Trainer is conveniently equipped with two transport roller wheels to allow for easy maneuverability, and also conveniently folds to save space.

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