Salzkammergut Trophy and the TÜV

Great joy about the 2nd place at the Salzkammergut Trophy of Lena

The one has nothing to do with the other, I admit, and yet for me it is part of it. A lot has happened in the last few months. I was very happy about my 2nd place at the Salzkammergut Trophy. Unfortunately this year it was not quite enough to win. A little mistake in the mountains around Gosau and it was already over. After three years at the top of the podium, this 2nd place is certainly no shame.

DM good, but not quite as hoped for

At the German Sprint Championships in Kirchzarten I was able to finish 6th. I was definitely not satisfied with that. I arrived in the Black Forest with a very good form. I may say, I have never been so fit as at these German Championships.

Nevertheless, it didn’t work out very well. After working through this race, we realized that this one short climb on the track was not enough for me to show my strengths. To sum up – there were better girls that day.

The hit rate increases

My second part, the biathlon training is going really well at the moment. I am convinced that I was able to make very good progress at the shooting range. In contrast to last year, I already have several scooter kilometres in my legs. I could improve there as well. Let’s see what happens when we go to the first race.

Sprint World Cup

After a 11th place at the Sprint World Cup in Graz, I want to show again this year in the upcoming races that I can go further forward. I still have to put a few minor ailments in their place and then I am very confident.

The “Sauwaldberg”

And then there was the Sauwald in Upper Austria. I was able to finish this mountain sprint on the mountain bike right at the top of the podium. A great organizer and even cooler spectators. This race I have already noted in my calendar.

I was then once at the TÜV

Yes and what does an athlete do between training, competition and regeneration. Exactly, he prepares his future. Here too, I was able to continue my training and in June I completed my degree as a TÜV-certified data protection officer. I hope the corporate world is already looking forward to seeing me.

All in all, there is a lot going on at my company and this will continue for the next two years. I am now looking forward to Belgium, Holland, Germany, Thailand and Brazil. After that I’m off to the deep north, where it’s white very early in the year.