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The vision of Skandika Fitness is to provide you with the very best equipment for the development of your body, health and well-being in your own home.

Have access to your own personal fitness professional in the comfort of your own home.

The compact dimensions and elegant design make this device suitable for any room in the house. Gone are the days when clunky equipment was hidden away in the basement or study.

The Home Vibration Plate 600 is the coolest new compact vibration plate on the market. Robust quality and modern design go hand in hand at an affordable price.

Thanks to integrated shock absorbers, the 600 is suitable for all floor surfaces, even wooden floors. This ensures a low impact workout with minimal stress on the joints and spine. Test it for yourself.

The Vibration Plate 600 is very easy to use and control thanks to the remote control and two LCD control panels.  It is suitable to be used by people of all fitness levels and abilities by selecting one of the low-intense modes.

Big impact with little effort!
The Skandika Home Vibration Plate covers four important areas: power, stretching, massage and relaxation. Less effort yet better results…what more could you want?

Fast and simple
Performing the exercises is very simple. Best of all you can complete your workout in less than 10 minutes.

How does it work?
Through a program of suggested exercises using the plate, targeted areas of the body’s muscles and reflexes are activated. These reflexes are stimulated independently via the spinal cord and are regulated without active input from the person who is exercising. Head vibration is almost completely avoided through the pelvis and muscles in the torso. The time for excuses is over!

The Home Vibration Plate 600 is already assembled so you can start quickly and easily. No time consuming or difficult set-up is required!

It has never been so easy to get fit, and feel healthy and beautiful!

The best technology for maintaining a healthy body and a greater feeling of wellbeing!
The training area of the plate is spacious and slip-resistant, ensuring that all exercises can be performed safely. Whether standing, squatting or laying down, all exercises can be carried out without the expense of a personal fitness coach. A detailed manual and exercise guide is provided including a program for basic to advanced users so you can train more effectively.

2 x elastic training straps are included for additional targeted training of the arms. The operation is very simple via a control panel on the plate and a remote control so you can even change the settings from a distance. Of course the device complies with the latest safety standards (RoHS).

Additional information

Vibration Mode

oscillating (side alternating)


0 – 12 mm


5 – 15 Hz

Transportation rolls


Remote control


Training Programmes

1 manual, 3 automatic


200 Watts




73 x 34 x 13 cm

Max. userweight

100 kg


16.5 kg


black, blue, red, white