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Parantaja means healer in Finnish and our Skandika Inversion Table lives up to its name. Inversion training can relieve back pain and tension. The principle: stretching the trunk muscles and stretching the spine in a reverse posture. Here everything is literally upside down and is thus gently and sustainably loosened. In addition, the inclination can be changed and adjusted safely and easily with the hand brake. Even with a herniated disc or lumbago, the Parantaja is the right rehabilitation device – naturally when used according to the instructions. With this device, tension headaches can also be a thing of the past. Just make sure you only train when a head ache is not present.

Inversion training does not only relieve pain, it is also suitable for stress reduction. The reverse posture position, which is also an essential part of yoga, stimulates the blood circulation and promotes calm and balance. And to ensure that nothing disturbs your peace and quiet, the Skandika Parantaja Inversion Table is absolutely safe. This is ensured by a sturdy steel frame, generously thick and comfortable padding, a foot holder with a sturdy footrest, and a reliable leg lock.

Additional information

Brake system

Locking brake

Dimensions folded (LxWxH)

200 x 73 x 57 cm

User height (min/max)

1.45 m / 2.05 m

Max. userweight

150 kg

Measurements (LxWxH)

142 x 75 x 144 cm


32 kg