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Joinable Summer Sleeping Bag

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California dreamin’
Skandika Mummy Sleeping Bag Oakland, extra long

Sometimes it just has to be more; because nothing is more annoying than a sleeping place that doesn’t fit. That’s why we have simply added length or width to our Oakland sleeping bag, depending on your needs. The “extra long” version has a good additional ten centimetres, so that even tall people can cover themselves up to the tip of their noses. The model “extra wide” provides sufficient freedom of movement in the upper area with around 15 centimetres plus. This is also fun for smaller children who simply need more space when sleeping. However, in this case the outside temperature should be within the comfort range, otherwise it will get too cold in the sleeping bag. After all, the body-hugging mummy shape has the effect of storing the heat: Form and material composition support an optimal heat balance, the mummy cut minimizes the air to be warmed up and keeps body and feet warm. The hollow fibre inside the sleeping bag additionally reflects body heat and conducts fluid away from the body. And since it can get wet in the tent, we have equipped the sleeping bag with a water-repellent polyester outer fibre. A smooth-running all-round zipper, which remains reliably closed by a stopper, makes it easy to get in and out of the sleeping bag. So here are all the signs of comfort and size – even the Golden State Warriors from Oakland fit in.

Additional information

Material (outer)

190T Micro-Polyester, water repellent

Material (inner)



150g/m², Hollow fibre

Allround zip




Covered Zip(s)



Compression bag, yes

Temperature Zone

Comfort 9.8° C, Limit 5.6° C, Extreme -7.3° C


washable 30 Degrees

Pack size

40 x 25 cm


230 (190+40) x 85 x 55 cm


1,500 g