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Vibration Trainer with 3D Vibration and 120 Levels

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The principle of vibration training is quite simple: motor power causes the plate to vibrate and the body to vibrate at the same time. Since the body stabilizes its own movements, it counteracts the vibrations. This causes muscle groups to stretch and contract. The training success is guaranteed.

Whether general fitness, slimming, improved coordination, no matter which training goal, the Skandika Vibration Plate 900 Plus is the optimal partner on the way to more well-being. The two 200 Watt DC motors make 3D vibration possible and thus provide an even more effective method of strengthening your inner muscles. The training units fly like clockwork, with a training of 15 minutes a day, results are already visible. Thus there’s no good excuse to stay idle.

In order to make your training on the Vibration Plate 900 Plus even more comfortable and effective, we have integrated a Bluetooth receiver that allows you to listen to your favourite music during your workout. In addition, the large and non-slip surface on which individual exercises can be easily carried out helps beginners in particular with this training method. The remote control may also be clipped on. This makes annoying pressing of any buttons on the plate a thing of the past.

Let’s get fit and shake.

Additional information

Vibration Mode

triaxial (3D)

Amplitude (oszillierend)

0 – 10 mm

Amplitude (linear)

0 – 15 mm

Frequenz (oszillierend)

5 – 15 Hz

Frequenz (linear)


Training Programmes

1 manual, 4 preset

Remote control

Bracelet, included

Traction/Training Bands





2x 200 Watts


72 x 40 cm

Max. userweight

120 kg

Measurements (LxWxH)

72 x 40 x 15 cm


23.0 kg


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