Gravity Coach

Inversion Table for up to 135 kg Userweight


  • Long, padded Back Rest ensures a comfortable Position for the Body
  • Settings can be fixed at 4 different Angles (0°, 20°, 40°, 60°).
  • Padded hand rails provide an easy Return to the Starting Position
  • Construction Dimensions (L / W / H): approx. 125×71.5 x156 cm
  • Folded Dimensions (L / W / H): approx. 220x75x47cm
  • Package Dimensions (L / W / H): approx. 135x74x18 cm
  • Weight nw/gw: approx. 24.90 / 28.40 kg

* If you are taking any medication that may affect your heart rate, blood pressure or cholesterol level, please consult your Doctor before using.


Product information

Technical Data

Artikel-Nr. SF-1210 Kategorie

Additional information

Max. userweight

135 kg

Dimensions folded (LxWxH)

220 x 75 x 47 cm

Measurements (LxWxH)

125 x 71,5 x 156 cm


24.9 kg



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Gravity Coach

Skandika’s Inversion table is designed to enhance the blood circulation and relax tension in the muscles & stressed-out body parts. The large and ergonomically designed backrest together with the molded ankle foam helps to lock your ankles comfortably and tightly.

Clinical Studies reveal that inverting your body only by few degrees for a few minutes a day can have prodigious positive effects on the human body:

  1. Relief from excessive pressure on intervertebral discs, ligaments and nerve endings
  2. Reduce the Back Pain, headache and neck problems
  3. Improved blood circulations
  4. Relaxation of muscle groups and stressed boy parts
  5. Stimulate your lymphatic system
  6. Corrects your body posture
  7. Strengthen your back and increases your flexibility and mobility.

The skandika inversion table is intended for users weighing up to 135 kg and with a height between 147 to 198cm. It is designed to reverse the daily negative effect of the gravity acting on the body.


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