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Vibration plates, Cross-trainers, Ergometers or Rowers. You will find the perfectly matching equipment for your individual fitness goal. Depending on the requirements, we provide different sizes and power levels, from beginner to professional – you will find top quality equipment and outstanding prices to start your workout soon.

Joey Kelly recommends: High Tech equipment for professional use

Even an all-round professional athlete like Joey Kelly is keeping fit between his challenging events. He has to prepare and train regularly for Badwater Run, Tower diving, various Marathons and Iron Man competitions. Whether it is muscle building with our Vibration Plate 2350 or muscle toning and stamina with the Aquarius Rower.

"Training with skandika equipment is part of my regular routine in preparation of the many competitions. Away from the elements I can comfortably strengthen my stamina and all muscle groups.", says Joey Kelly.

All equipment comes with instructions and/or videos to make it easy for you in putting together your personal fitness schedule.

Home Run and Office Bike won the Red Dot Design Award

skandika’s multifunctional equipment impressed the jury

innovation, versatility and design: this is what skandika fitness stands for. The Home Run treadmill and the Office Bike received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

„We are proud that our most popular training equipment hit the spot for an international trade jury“, says Henrik Will, skandika’s Brand Manager. „Both models reflect the multi-tasking aspect of our time and can flexibly be integrated in our everyday life. They are eye catching furniture for home and office and training equipment at the same time. The result is a top 2 in 1 solution.“